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Releasing A Pet

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Please be aware that we receive 100 times as many requests to take in a pet as we can actually accept.  The sad reality is that there are too many homeless cats and dogs flooding the shelters everyday for all the possible groups in DFW to handle.  Every 2 minutes, another adoptable dog or cat is euthanized in the North Texas area because it was homeless.

At Little Orphan Angels we do not have a shelter. All of our homeless pets are housed in volunteer foster homes while waiting adoption. Due to the limited number of foster homes, we are only able to accept a limited number of appropriate pets at any one time.

If you have found kittens that are still nursing, please click here for care instructions.

If think you or a family member are allergic to your cat, please click here.

Please visit our Cat & Dog Behavior page for assistance with an animal that has behavior or integration issues before putting your pet up for adoption.  You may be able to solve a simple problem and keep your family all together.

If you're desperate and need immediate assistance, click here for a comprehensive list of all the shelters and rescue groups in the DFW area. Please remember that we are a volunteer organization and are not available 24/7.

If you know of an animal that is being abused, please contact your local animal services or click here. You may also wish to contact Texas Humane Legislation which promotes the humane treatment of animals through legislation, advocacy, and education. They actively lobby the Texas Legislature to pass laws to protect the rights of animals.

If you need help getting a stray cat or dog spayed or neutered, please either call the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection at 940-566-5551 or the SPCA at 1 888 Animals.

Our Intake Criteria

All pets accepted into our Adoption Program must meet certain intake requirements to determine if he/she is suitable for adoption.

We cannot not accept pets are elderly or chronically ill. If the pet you wish to place falls within this description, please reconsider.  Pets do not adjust well to change, and the stress of a foster home, combined with appearances at our adoption location is often too much for an older pet. Chronically ill pets also suffer these same stresses. Plus, they often do not have strong enough immune systems to cope with an adoption center situation and their conditions deteriorate quickly.

If you feel that the dog, puppy, cat or kitten you've rescued or are surrendering meets this criteria, please complete our Intake Application. The information you provide will be the key to matching up your unique animal with the proper adoptive family.  Please be patient and we will contact you as soon as possible.



Due to the overwhelming number of applications for the release of pets, we are suspending our intake program for individuals and focusing on shelter rescues.  We are sorry for this and for all of the pets being abandoned.

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