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Cat & Dog Behavior

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Cat & Dog Behavior
About Us

We are proud to include these links to pet care behavior provided by Best Friends Animal Society


General Information

Choosing the Right Pet for You (.pdf)

Giving Pets as Gifts (.pdf)

Help Me... I Found a Stray! (.pdf)

Looking for a Breed (Special Feature)

Why Adopt Rather than Buy? (.pdf)

The Adoption Option (.pdf)

Cat Information


Getting Started
Introducing a Cat and a Dog (.pdf)
Keeping Your Cat Healthy (.pdf)
Preventing Behavior Problems in Your Cat (.pdf) 
Spay or Neuter Your Cat (.pdf)
Welcome Home: Preventing Problems from Day One (.pdf)

Behavior & Training 
Aggression Toward Other Cats (.pdf)
Cat Aggression Toward People (.pdf)
Crate Training Your Cat (.pdf)
Fear of Other Pets (.pdf)
Fear of Sounds (.pdf)
Fear of Strangers in Cats (.pdf)
Fear of Sudden Movement (.pdf) 
Inappropriate Elimination in Cats (.pdf)
Pica: The Un-Finicky Feline (.pdf)
Preventing Your Dog from Chasing Your Cat  (.pdf)
Urine Marking in Cats (.pdf)
Using Behavior Modification to Help Your Cat (.pdf)


Health & Care
Cognitive Dysfunction in Older Cats  (.pdf)
Declawing: The Price of Convenience (.pdf)
Feeding Your Feline  (.pdf)
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) (.pdf)
Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) (.pdf)
Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) (.pdf)
FIV: Catching a Bad Case of Rumors (.pdf)
Flea and Heartworm Prevention for Your Cat (.pdf)
Living with Feline Leukemia (Special Feature)
Signs of Health and Sickness in Your Cat (.pdf)
Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease (.pdf)
Why Cats Need to Eat (.pdf)

Living with Your Cat
Catteries and Catios (.pdf)
Dreaming With Cats
Enrichment for Household Cats (.pdf)
Enrichment for Household Cats, Part 2 (.pdf)
Helping Cats to Get Along (.pdf)
Introducing a New Cat (.pdf)
Keeping Your Cat Safe and Sound (.pdf)
OK Corrals! Disclosures on Enclosures (.pdf)
The Talkative Cat (.pdf)


Kitten Care & Development
The Care and Feeding of Orphaned Kittens (.pdf)
Managing Your Kitten's Rough Play (.pdf)
Stages of Kitten Development (.pdf)


Humane Ways to Deal with Unwelcome Cats (.pdf)

Dog Information

Getting Started

Daily Activities for You and Your Dog (.pdf)
How to Choose a Dog (.pdf)
How to Choose a Dog. Part 2 (.pdf)
Introducing Dogs to Each Other (.pdf)
Introducing a Cat and a Dog (.pdf)
Looking for a Breed (Special Feature)
Promises to My Dog (.pdf)
The Costs of Caring for a Dog  (.pdf)
Welcome Home: Preventing Problems from Day One (.pdf)
What Dogs Need to Be Happy (.pdf)
What's in a Name? (.pdf)

Puppy Care & Training

Neonatal Care for Orphaned Puppies (.pdf)
Puppy Development (.pdf)
Puppy Socialization (.pdf)
Why Train Your Puppy? (.pdf)

Behavior & Training

Barrier Aggression (.pdf)
Chewing in Dogs (.pdf)
Clicker Training for You and Your Pets (.pdf)
Collar Sensitivity (.pdf)
Crate Training: The Benefits for You and Your Dog (.pdf)
Dealing with Excessive Barking (.pdf)
Digging in Dogs (.pdf)
Dog Resources (.pdf)
Feral Dogs (.pdf)
Find a Trainer (.pdf)
Getting the Behavior You Want (.pdf)
Head Halters for Dogs (.pdf)
Helping Your Dog to Enjoy Car Rides (.pdf)
Housetraining Your Dog (.pdf)
How to Educate Your Dog (.pdf)
Improving a Dog's Social Skills (.pdf)
Jumping Up in Dogs (.pdf)
Loving Our Dogs to Distraction (Special Feature)
Managing a Dog with Behavior Challenges (.pdf)
Meeting Fearful Dogs Safely (.pdf)
Mouthing in Dogs (.pdf)
Muzzles: A Tool to Keep Everyone Safe (.pdf)
Object Guarding in Dogs (.pdf)
Positive Reinforcement: Training with Praise and Rewards (.pdf)
Preventing Dog Bites on Children (.pdf)
Preventing Your Dog from Chasing Your Cat (.pdf)
Preventing Your Dog from Escaping
Pulling on the Leash (.pdf)
Recommended Dog Training and Care Resources (.pdf)
Staying Safe Around Dogs (.pdf)
Submissive and Excitement Urination in Dogs (.pdf)
Teaching 'Come' (.pdf)
Teaching 'Down' and 'Stay' (.pdf)
Teaching 'Leave It' (.pdf)
Teaching 'Speak' and 'Quiet' (.pdf)
Teaching Your Dog Basic Cues (.pdf)
Teaching Your Dog the Joys of Touch (.pdf)
Urine Marking in Dogs (.pdf)
Visual Barriers (.pdf)
Why We Use Relationship-Based Training (.pdf)

Getting to Know Your Dog

Dog Body Language (.pdf)
Baby the Problem Dog
The Charm of Self-Taught Dogs
Dogs and Aggression (.pdf)
The Dogs' Dictionary
Fear of Thunder and Other Loud Noises (.pdf)
Life with Greyhounds (Special Feature)
The Look of Fear in Dogs (.pdf)
The Secret Life of (Abandoned) Dogs
Separation Anxiety (Article by Faith Maloney)
Separation Anxiety (.pdf)
So Your Dog Has Drive? (.pdf)
The Zen of Old Dogs

Fun With Dogs

Dog Toys (.pdf)
Fun Things to Do with Your Dog (.pdf)

Health & Care

Bloat in Dogs (.pdf)
Caring for Your Older Dog (.pdf)
Cold Weather and Your Pets (.pdf)
Fencing Options for Your Escape Artist (.pdf)
Flea and Heartworm Prevention for Your Dog (.pdf)
Grooming Your Pets (.pdf)
Hot Weather and Your Pets (.pdf)
Keeping Your Dog Safe and Sound (.pdf)
Living with a Blind Dog (.pdf)
Living with a Deaf Dog (.pdf)
Routine Vet Care for Your Dog (.pdf)
Signs of Health and Sickness in Your Dog (.pdf)
Small Dogs, Big Dogs: What's Safe? (.pdf)
Spay or Neuter Your Dog (.pdf)
Unusual Eating Habits in Pets (.pdf)
Why Dogs Itch (.pdf)
Your Dog's Diet (.pdf) New Cat and Dog Videos

Does Your Cat Love to Scratch or Climb?

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